Sustainability planning and communications

I help communities live more sustainably by creating clear, engaging plans and outreach.

Reach your community

Build trust and buy-in through clear communication.

Achieve your goals

Make progress on your community's most impactful actions.

Support your leadership

Help your Council and Director make informed decisions.


Sustainability program design

Programming that empowers your community to achieve your sustainability goals.

Set realistic goals, prioritize where to spend your time and budget, and achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Sustainability Program development
  • Behavior change program design
  • Outreach program development
  • Internal sustainability policy development

Environmental plans and reports

Easy-to-read documents that inform decision-making and provide clear next steps.

Convince leadership and community members to support your program priorities with compelling reports.

  • Sustainability Master Plans
  • Climate Action Plans
  • White papers, research reports, purchasing policies, memos
  • Sustainability reporting

Sustainability communications

Plug-and-play outreach packages with everything you need to reach your audience.

Raise awareness, promote programs, and engage your community.

  • Education and awareness campaigns
  • Outreach toolkits
  • Social media plans and campaigns
  • Website content and organization

Education and engagement materials

Fun, educational virtual and self-guided program materials to engage your community and visitors.

Inspire your community to change how they act.

  • Virtual education programs (webinars, workshops, online courses, email courses)
  • Junior Ranger guidebooks and park activity guides
  • Worksheets and activity books

Environmental graphic design

Engaging, accessible outreach and educational materials to support behavior change.

Inform your community about how the choices they make impact your city.

  • Outreach material creation
  • Interpretive panel design
  • Outreach booth material design (banners, stands, tablecloths)
  • Printing and mailing coordination


I translate complex environmental subjects for non-experts. I bring 14 years of experience in environmental outreach and sustainability communication.

My approach to outreach

Design for your audience

Speak to the people who need your message.

That starts with figuring out who to focus on reaching. Trying to speak to "everyone" really speaks to no one.

Prioritize outcomes

Do what your community needs.

The standard approach isn't always the right fit. Sometimes we'll take a different angle.

Center people

Meet your community where they are.

I turn issues into stories that connect with people. Goals, tactics, and messaging should be matched to your audience.


Outreach projects

Some communication projects I've worked on include:

  • EnviroStars Regional Green Business Program marketing committee (2016-2019)
  • Waste hauling contract transition outreach — City of Kirkland (2022)
  • Plastic Bag Ban outreach and implementation — City of Kirkland (2015)

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